On this site we will publish our open calls. If the call is in Danish, it is only open to Scandinavian applicants.

SPOT Festival 2020 ATF x SNYK event - apply!

Monday, February 17, 2020

***DEADLINE: March 12.***

Once again, we have paired up with SPOT festival and SNYK to create an 'off-SPOT' showcase event for Experimental Music and Sound Art. For this event we broaden our booking profile to encompass 'Experimental' in a wide interpretation, focusing on the artistic intentions, creative approach and audience experience, which means we welcome artists in overlapping genres to apply. 

Who can apply: Artists from or with residence in Scandinavia. (mixed nationality bands must have at least 50% of the band fulfilling this criteria) 

Location: Aarhus City South Harbour Area (Sydhavnen) 
First weekend of May - date TBA.


How to apply: 
Send us an email to with the following info: 

Artist/band name: 

Members: name + instrument/device/role
Home base: where are you travelling from  

Short press text: max 200 words

Other info: things that are nice for the organiser to know

Tech: Short needs tech description.* 

Hospitality: vegetarians/allergies


-Tech rider + stage plot

-artist photo

DEADLINE: MARCH 12 (midnight)

-If you don't hear from us before April 1 you have not been selected. We are not able to give individual feedback to applicants. 

*please keep in mind that this is not a typical venue location, meaning that we have a basic PA with max 2 monitors and we expect acts to be able tailor your set to this condition.
We welcome acoustic performances! 


You are welcome to send your application in Danish! 



Wednesday, January 22, 2020

OPEN CALL: Convention #2: 'Disturbances'

Dates: First week of August 2020 (performances during the weekend)
Where: Aarhus - Primarily South Harbour area. Indoors and outdoors. 

We call for contributions for our second edition of our bi-annual event: 'Convention'.


Convention is to be understood in its literal sense; as a gathering.  It's a gathering of artists, thinkers and the engaged audience, coming together during 2 days where everyone gets the chance to fully immerse themselves in this year's theme and to meet other minds and ideas in a warm welcoming space. 
This gathering crosses performances, talks and exhibitions to create one wholesome experience where we blur the boundaries between who are the producing entities and who are the audience.
The primary focus of Convention is Experimental music and Sound art, as a cross section for various artistic disciplines, research and non-linear discussions. 


We are looking for works, essays, talks, workshops from all art disciplines, with the only requirements that:
- Sound and/or music is a central element of your work

- The work / essay/performance etc. is focused on the theme"Disturbances" 

We welcome applicants from various career stages. 


Theme: Disturbances:
Humans have since the dawn of modern civilisation disturbed the environment, animals, each other, ourselves. We try not to disturb, and we deliberately disturb.

We are seeking works that deal with this theme from various angles but not limited to: 

- Nature & Environment

- Society

- Mental illness

- Activism

- Sound and perception

- Feminisms

- Human Rights

- Property and territory

- Urbanization 

Using art as meeting ground, we are looking for perspectives and unknown realisations regarding the question of how we as individuals and society perceive "To disturb" and why, when and how something appears to disturbing, to some whilst not to others. 

- There is no fee to apply. 

- Artists Fees are offered individually to those whose contribution requires their physical presence. 
- We offer a set fee of 800 DKK for digital or written works, but will be able to give a small grant towards your transportation if you wish to attend the event and present your work at the event. 

You must make a clear and final asking fee in your application: Your fee must account for materials, transportation and housing - all of which you must arrange yourself.( we are happy to guide you in the process). 

- We do not cover unexpected costs that are not mentioned in your budget.
We are only able to offer actual transportation costs, and only the cost that you mention in your application. e.g.: We do not cover unexpected spikes in prices due to late booking of transportation.
- We do not offer transportion coverage for music and sound art performances on top of your fee. 
- All artists get a minimum of 1 free vegan/vegetarian meal per day + drinks. 
- If your performance or installation set-up is done during a time which there is no available public transportation, we will help arrange and pay your transportation. 

We are a non-profit, fully transparent organisation. We do not profit from this event and we are obliged to spend all our available funding that is set aside for fees, on fees. 

In its first edition in 2018, this event resulted in new strong artistic partnerships, created new opportunities for artists involved, and gave our artists a chance to get close to the audience and test out their work and ideas, with a supportive curatorial team, and an engaged public attendance. 

- May 1, 2020 at midnight. 
note: We advice you to get in touch with us earlier, as this betters your chances to get selected if you are applying with a complex concept or installation as we need time to discuss how your work can be realised in the available spaces. If you want to present your idea for evaluation before you make the application, you can write to us on (subject: Idea evaluation)

How to apply: 

Send maximum 2 page pdf application with: 
1) Presentation of your idea or project (it doesn't need to be fully finished and you don't need to use fancy terms - present it the way you know best!) 
2) A short bio about yourself (age, nationality, country and city of residence)
3) Links to your work/website etc. 

4) A short statement relating to your work and involvement in this event. 

- If you are a performer using live sound, please send your technical rider along with the application. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate multispeaker set -ups, but will accept applications from applicants who have their own system, and may be able to help cover your related travel costs for using your own system. 


**Media confinements:
- All digital works must be less than 2 GB. For the application we only accept links to streaming. (shortened versions are ok). 

SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO: using the subject: "Convention #2 + your artist name"

YOU CAN EXPECT TO HEAR FROM US BY JUNE 1. If we haven't responded to you before this date, your application has not gone through. 

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