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Open Call: Dark Data

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

In Collaboration with DOKK1/Aarhus Kommunes Biblioteker, we present this Exhibition centred around the theme "Dark Data". 

Exhibition Dates:  8-21 of Dec 2020. 
Location: DOKK1 - Music /Adult section of the library. 
application deadline: August 15. 

We welcome applications in all art forms, dealing with this theme in both concrete and abstract manners. Sound must be a central aspect of the work you wish to enter.> Non-sonourous work is also accepted if sound is somehow still a central aspect of the works DNA.  
Performance-applications are also welcome (short daily events/happenings and/or opening/closening performances).


Important specs/info:
- Selected work will be integrated in the existing setting of the library space. This means that artists must consider a certain degree of flexibility and collaboration when it comes to staging your work at this particular location. 
- Small and digital works, and work which are either non-electric or batteri-driven, and which are easy to place/integrate in the context of a library environment are favoured. (i.e on shelves/walls)
- You are welcome to consider alternative ways/options to how your work is presented. 
- We don't accept work that requires us to handle transportation/shipping costs for the artist or materials. 
- Selection process: Once we receive your application, and if we think the work fits, we will start a process to discuss how to integrate it, to make sure that installation can be done in accordance with artistic integrity and the specific restrictions that are present at the location. 

Applications must include: 

- brief artist presentation + statement

- artist link (to work and/or portfolio)

- Description of your work/idea and how you envision it. (tech info is important!)

- You must send your work as total folder or a link to a folder with no time-limit. 

- Fee: If succesful you will receive a fee offer. Please note that as a nonprofit we are limited in our ability to offer grants. 

> 1-2 page pdf 

Send to


Dark Data: "Gartner defines dark data as the information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes (for example, analytics, business relationships and direct monetizing). Similar to dark matter in physics, dark data often comprises most organizations’ universe of information assets. Thus, organizations often retain dark data for compliance purposes only. Storing and securing data typically incurs more expense (and sometimes greater risk) than value."
Dark Data cold also be considered in a more ominous context to mean "data which is used for Dark purposes". 


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