Across The floor is a non-profit organization which strives towards bettering the conditions for the producing and practising artists working in the field of Experimental Music and Sound Art.


> SMAL -Sound Music Arts Lab:

- Gear Library

- Microvenue

- Production facilities.

> Events & Collaborations

- The organization takes parts in events (outside our facilities) if we feel that this activity contributes to reaching our goals as an organization. These events could include presenting important, inspirational and innovative artists to perform in Aarhus or help facilitate such events.

The organization is run by a volunteer board:

Chairman of the Board: Stine Kloster
Vice Chairman and accountant: Allan Michelsen

Member of the board: Christian Sinding Søndergaard
Member of the board: Kasper Lund Resen

Member of the Board: Astrid Ravn Henriksen.

Across The Floor

contacting us:
please contact our mail:
Notice: We are currently not booking any artists in for events, but check out our open calls. If the call is only in Danish it is only open to artists based in Denmark.