Alicia is a London-based composer, violinist and performance artist working across live art, theatre and experimental music. Her practice focuses on the visceral affectivity of sound and live music in performance, using compositions and immersive sound design to interrogate the relationship between the internal and external body and ask questions about identity, vulnerability and intimacy.

At Convention#1 Alicia will present the work "Quiver" which combines electronics, distortion, feedback and the resonant body of a violin alongside intimate sounds of the female orgasm to interrogate the gender disparity within experimental music. In the performance Alicia uses these embodied female sounds to assert the gendered body at the centre of the music.

Using technology she manipulates the sounds to create layers of distortion and drones, building into a cacophony of loud, explicitly sexual noise. Quiver explores the fear of women’s agency over their gendered, sexual body, the notion of being a “loud, angry woman”, and how volume, distortion and noise can be reclaimed from its tethering to masculinity.
When: Aug  4 - Spillestedet Radar 19.30- 00.00


Orchid Domain is a self-invented Nirvana, a state of mind. Its an uncategorized, non-binary & feministic project initiated by Kristoffer Raasted who identifies as an artist, and functions as a vocalist, sound artist and performer in various collaborations. The processual aspect of shaping various sonic materials into songs, is a main interest. In combining analog with eletronic and digital sound sources, the meeting point between digital-reality & a lived experience of the material world, is examined. For Convention#1 Orchid Domain will perform a trio-concert, presenting a piece that relates to questions of uncategorised/non-binary digital post-identities, voice & also to questions relating to the ephemerality and tactility of sound as a material. In relation to staging ideas concieved in the antistic praxis, and communicating conceptually, Orchid Domain can be said to aiming utopially at decolonising the concert situation, and creating a safe-space for undefined (post-) identities. 
When: Aug  4 - Spillestedet Radar 19.30- 00.00


Jomi Massage is the moniker of by Signe Høirup Wille-Jørgensen, when she steps aside from her band Speaker Bite Me and acts on her own.

Her music is always in flux and takes on various shapes which are channelled vividly and emotionally through the entire body of Signe as a performer. Apart from her work in music Signe also operates in the field on installations and film music and could very well own the title as one of the most significant female pioneers on the Danish alternative/Experimental Rock music scene for the past two decades.
When: Aug  4 - Spillestedet Radar 19.30- 00.00


Nikoline Nybo is a Kaospilot with an anthropological background. Her main field of interest and expertise lies within gender studies and the questioning of societal norms and discourses. Through the podcast format she aims to underline the need for a conversation around the power in and influence of our language on the dominating notions of gender. She asks the questions: “Who has had the power to influence the dominant notions of our world?”, What are we talking about when we use certain terms and are they to someone’s disadvantage?” and “Is there a possibility to contribute to new perceptions of our world and the terms we use to describe it?”.


In her seminar/workshop on  Fri Aug 3: you’ll be introduced into her podcast, COURAGE, concerning notions of gender, courage and leadership and most importantly you’ll be invited to participate in the re-authoring of and creation of diversity in our language.


is a Copenhagen-based spanish musician, whose music goes from free improvisation or the first electronic traditions ala BBC Radiophonic Workshop or Elianne Radigue, to current trends like The Caretaker, Oren Ambarchi or William Basinski. 
Ignacio devotes himself to "La Caja" (The Box) - an old industrial calibration machine that plays with time like memory does: stretching, slowing and speeding sound, making it appear and disappear a bit different every time. Distant and hypnotic like a black hole, he uses it to get us to underwater sounds, bubbly atmospheres and melancholic mermaid calls through emotional and trance-inducing tunes.
The project has been active in different line-ups (from solo or duo up to quintet) since 2011, with two self-released records, cassette tapes through the labels MAGIA and Punctum, and shows all over Spain and 6 European tours through 17 countries.

XXXX Ignacio will also be presenting the talk/seminar Female Pioneers in Electronic Music on Aug 4:

With the discovery of electronic music (specially after the Second World War) we have the first moment in western history in which men cannot support themselves on any male tradition or history to explain women how to make art. The seminar will take you through the historic moment of the first electronic music studios of the 50's and 60's and the ground breaking work of pioneers such as Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram, Eliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros, Else Marie Pade, Suzanne, Suzanne Ciani and much more.

- 03 Aug: Performance at Studio 02K at 19.00  - 22.00

- 04 Aug: Seminar  (see program) @  Studio 02K


Paula Pin is a transhackfeminist performer and researcher who has a strong inclination towards research and
experimentation processes with collective and free technologies. Her working fields range from drawing to abstract video or circuit bending, but always located in the intersection where biology, science and queer art collide. Interactive kinetic sculptures, immersible environments, audiovisual installations, performance and direct action are the art disciplines that she has used in her search for developing new channels to communicate desires and sensations, using the physical body as the bridge which connects nature
and technology. Questioning the boundary between science fiction and fact, much of her artwork investigates a broad range of subject matter relating to natural phenomena such as bioelectricity, bioluminescence, geochemistry and the cosmos. In 2011 she was awarded a grant from Vida to develop her Photosinthetik Symphony data from sensors attached to plants and her own body generating sound. The project continues development as an hybrid between gendertechnature in a sense of tactical biopolitics.
The activity of workshops, sharing her knowledge and spreading the ethic of DIY and open technology, is an integral part of her practice. Plants, microorganisms alternative energy, the laboratory, have led her to see the body in a new sense, integrated into a complex mesh of interactions which promise a new transversal function for her work, blurring the distinctions between machine, animal and plant, and opening up new horizons for art and performance.


WORKSHOP: "TranshackFeminist Pratices + Build your own TransNoise device"

Paula will do a workshop which is an introduction into the emergence of transhackfeminst practices, that use the noise and biohacking as a political tool inside arts and sciences frame + a practical part with a workshop XXXX You wil come away with your own TransNoise device!


- 03 Aug, Performance @ Studi0 02K  20.15 at a part of the Vernissage event
- 04 Aug, WORKSHOP @ SMAL (next to studio 02K) : 14.00 The workshop is free with full Convention tickets, but there is a fee for materials. 


Louise Vind Nielsen is a Danish conceptual sound-, performance and visual artist working with, in between and against humans and machines, sound and image, poetry and activism. She is taking part in Convention#1 as a specially selected AIR. Louise's body of work spreads across various artforms, using in particular mixed media and sound, often examining complexe themes with an obscure and humorous approach.

Louise holds a degree from the  Det Jyske Kunstakademi - Diplom (MFA) from 2013 has studied at Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste Hamburg.

When: Louise will present her performancework "Human Amplifiers" on  Aug 3, 21.00 / at Studio 02K as a part of the Vernissage Eve.



Jade Foster will present the work "Face Value"

Sound Art and Live Performance, Face Value (2017) is a part of a larger investigation examines the relationship between the black body and the public sphere, between history and moment, between public and private, between URL and IRL, between architectural space and personal space. As with the original composition of works, "Face Value" is steeped in socio-political discourse about the way people of colour navigate a vastly changing socio-political climate in the western world.


- 03-05 aug: Sydhavnen's Urban Space (next to Studio  02K)- Free (in public space)

Jade Foster will also be present at the Vernissage on Aug 3 to present her work.


Kaitlyn Paston will present the work "The Wiggle Room". Hands are the by means by which we most often interact with external world. Through our hands, we experience touch and feeling at the same time. Reaching into an intangible space where sensations and emotions take visible form, the hands are creating a space for self-awareness. Leaving some the space between what, when and where. A space to reflect between reaction and response: Wiggle Room. / Kaitlyn Paston is a multi-media artist working in Brooklyn and NJ.

When: 03-05 aug: Sydhavnen's Public Urban Space- Free



KASPER MARIUS NØRMARK (Lyd & Litteratur Festival): "The Balancing Act - Females Only?". (3. aug)
Musician, Festival Curator, Cand. Mag. Aesthetics & Culture.
Kasper will present Lyd & Litteratur's take on curating for greater diversity in their upcoming festival. We will be introduced to some of the philosophical and practical aspects of the organisations decision making process, as a segway to an open debat on the role of the music and festival industry and the ongoing question on who's responsible for creating and sustaining diversity in the field Experimental Music and Sound Art.

STINE KLOSTER  - "Dont' Mention The Hashtag"( 3. aug)
Across The Floor's Creative Director, Msc. Audio Design, Curator, Musician, Sound Artist
Will be opening the event with a standpoint speech concerning the challenges and opportunities when deploying feminist practices and diversity ambitions in research, cultural creation and the world of experimental music and sound art.